Indian Biosciences is a leading name in the field of DNA Testing and Genetics in the country. We provide DNA Testing services for establishing relationships, legal purposes, forensics, Immigration, fingerprinting and disease diagnostics. We are actively involved in Genetics Research on Disease Markers and Plant Cloning. We work in close coordination with many Multinational Companies, Government Bodies, Embassies, Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors and Medical Research Institutions.

Indian Biosciences is an independent DNA Testing company formed under the guidance of Dr.Kulmohan Singh Mehta who comes with over 35 years of rich experience in initiating, business expansion, strategic planning, handling overall operations of organisations specialising in the fields of Computer Softwares, IT Consultancy, Knowledge & Education, Biotechnology Publications and Genetics.

INBIT provides hands on training to students pursuing biotechnology and genetics courses with colleges/institutions across the country.INBIT has been setup to nurture young, technical and research oriented minds to build an outstanding career for themselves in the fast growing area of Biotechnology/Genetics Research.

In our training programme, we will imbibe in them, knowledge about DNA, Genetics Research, Bioinformatics and provide an insight into this vast domain. This would entitle them to the best career opportunities in these fields for the next two decades.